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Off all things ironic….I left people behind →  December 15, 2009 Comments Off

Almost by design my last flight was weight restricted. Weather at the outstation was horrible…the approach was 60 knot quartering headwinds from 2000 AGL till 300 AGL. Visibility was 3/4 mile in rain. Ceiling 300 broken. Winds were just 13 knots on the ground. Huge difference. Windshear in effect. The whole approach had our airspeed […]

Old man winter is here →  December 13, 2009 Comments Off

Preparing for work is now more complicated. I feel like the little brother in A Christmas Story. I don’t do cold. Not my thing. After I layer up I grab my hat, gloves, and ear clips (collapsible ear muffs). Again I don’t do cold. Along with the cold comes the winter winds. Anyone flying eastbound […]

Why airlines leave passengers behind →  December 8, 2009 1

“Ladies and Gentlemen due to weight restrictions we are looking for 7 volunteers who have flexible travel plans to volunteer their seats for a later flight.” Words that send shrills down the spines of travelers. If there are 50 seats on a plane, why can’t all 50 be occupied? MLW or Maximum Landing Weight. To […]

Very interesting video →  December 5, 2009 1

Taken at an airshow. Not so comfy with the wing scrapes on the runway….I assume they are re-enforced? Click on the link below for the video (WMV file) Franklin\’s Flying Circus Original link http://www.franklinairshow.com

Always have a back up plan →  December 4, 2009 Comments Off

During private pilot training pilots all go through the, “you just lost your engine, where are you going to land?” scenario. I had it done to many times. It’s a non-event once you realize you’re not going to just fall out of the sky. Of course I always had it done during VMC conditions. Sully […]

My wife sat airport reserve with me kinda →  December 3, 2009 Comments Off

I’ve run out of movies to watch on Netflix while sitting airport reserve. Additionally I’ve watched all 231 episodes of Diggnation. A few months ago I was reading a book every two weeks. After about 7 books I got tired of reading. Yeah. Pretty boring now a days. Sat airport reserve last night and tonight. […]