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Status Quo →  November 17, 2009 4

Sitting in the crew room. Seems as though the great news about recalls isn’t so great. The recalls at Trans States was predicated on that airline getting additional flying from United. Yesterday it was announced that Expressjet (who currently flies for Continental) will get the flying. All of the recalls Trans States sent out were […]

After 2 years I still haven’t learned to not answer the phone →  November 15, 2009 2

‘Unknown Caller” or “Unknown Name”. Most people don’t answer such calls. Heck my wife doesn’t answer such calls. I do. When I have to. When Crew Scheduling calls called ID is blocked. Never asked why. Just is. I was supposed to do a 5 1/2 hour turn Friday. Friday morning at 8:08AM my phone rang. […]

Wall of fog →  November 13, 2009 Comments Off

My overnight went fine. Leaving in the morning (5:45AM departure!) required too much thought. As we pushed out we got a unrequested print out via ACARS. The print out was weather in base from our dispatcher. Weather was below mins (1/4SM and 001OVC) . The previous forecast on which the flight was planned was wrong….by […]

Too hard for one leg →  November 11, 2009 Comments Off

Today was my first day back to the line in a little over a week. I had a 11:15AM report time for my trip. Even though I live just 8 miles from the airport, I have to give myself 45 minutes to get through the security portal and sign in. Since I had to update […]

Being sick and a pilot →  November 10, 2009 Comments Off

Back when I was a mere mortal I would go to the Doctor, take what ever test/prescriptions he wanted and wait to get better. Since I started flying I’ve had to be much more proactive. Now each time I get sick I research what I think I have and possible drugs/treatments. I then go to […]

Halfway done with recurrent →  November 9, 2009 Comments Off

Finished with half of my recurrent training. The ground portion was done as of 1:30PM Friday. The systems test was the same test from last year. I missed the same questions. At least I am consistent. The first two days were all classroom based covering company and aircraft specific information. The last day we headed […]