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Unexpected airport appreciation →  December 31, 2009 Comments Off

I should be preparing for push back but instead I am sitting in the terminal…why? Delayed. I’m feeling huge today. I brought my HP Mini 5101 Netbook and Microsoft 8GB Zune instead of my 15 inch Macbook pro and Zune HD. For reasons I can’t figure out, the inbound plane is running an hour late. […]

New Bose QC15 + UFlyMike headset….needs a little adjustment →  December 29, 2009 Comments Off

Had a nice two day trip. Aside from missing a meeting with my wife, it all went well. The Captain was very shall I say…..quirky. Over the last two years I have flown with almost every Captain at my base. I have a mental Rolodex on how each one operates. Captain Richmond likes to single […]

Last minute change →  December 27, 2009 Comments Off

I was sitting airport reserve. I was the ONLY First Officer available. Around 4PM I was assigned a 6:45PM overnight. This was a 9 hour overnight which was good as I would get back in time to meet up with my wife as she had a meeting at 9:40AM she wanted me to attend with […]

See you next year jacka*s →  December 26, 2009 Comments Off

The Holiday season brings out the worst in people. This can be seen at any airport around Christmas. On Christmas day it can be down right ugly. Last night I was assigned a simple turn. The flight (let’s call it flight 5001) out left 5 minutes early. Nice ride. We arrived 5 minutes early and […]

Tis the season →  December 24, 2009 Comments Off

Fifteen feet above me is a terminal full of passengers yelling at gate agents (who all smile and politely restate what the policy is). Then there are passengers swearing they will never fly my airline again (I’m sure I will see them in the Spring….and Summer..and next Winter). I feel bad for the passengers as […]

Airlines Hiring in 2010? →  December 23, 2009 Comments Off

For almost any business requiring a skilled worker there is a time period between when a new hire employee isn’t useful. Each year, just prior to Lent, managers at Long John Silvers look at staffing and consider hiring. The Friday’s during Lent are the busiest times for Long John Silvers. Years ago I used to […]