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First Officer Food Pyramid →  January 8, 2010 Comments Off

Yesterday was a long day. I woke up in my own bed around 5AM as that’s when my sugar momma (aka my wife who thankfully agreed to support a regional First Officer) gets up. I was assigned reserve at home from 10AM until 2AM. At 9:59AM my phone rang. Three day trip assigned. It wasn’t […]

A tale of three Captains →  January 5, 2010 Comments Off

I flew with three different Captains last week. Each one was unique. The first Captain, I will call him Brian, ┬áis the most junior Captain on my plane in my base. I am the most junior First Officer on my plane in my base. So there are many times that we get assigned the same […]

The Truth About the Profession →  January 3, 2010 5

For those looking for cut and dry (but interesting!) information about starting a career as a pilot or those who like me, are going to switch careers, I just found a very informative site. Bookmark it as there is a ton of information! http://thetruthabouttheprofession.weebly.com/

Unexpected airport appreciation →  December 31, 2009 Comments Off

I should be preparing for push back but instead I am sitting in the terminal…why? Delayed. I’m feeling huge today. I brought my HP Mini 5101 Netbook and Microsoft 8GB Zune instead of my 15 inch Macbook pro and Zune HD. For reasons I can’t figure out, the inbound plane is running an hour late. […]

New Bose QC15 + UFlyMike headset….needs a little adjustment →  December 29, 2009 Comments Off

Had a nice two day trip. Aside from missing a meeting with my wife, it all went well. The Captain was very shall I say…..quirky. Over the last two years I have flown with almost every Captain at my base. I have a mental Rolodex on how each one operates. Captain Richmond likes to single […]

Last minute change →  December 27, 2009 Comments Off

I was sitting airport reserve. I was the ONLY First Officer available. Around 4PM I was assigned a 6:45PM overnight. This was a 9 hour overnight which was good as I would get back in time to meet up with my wife as she had a meeting at 9:40AM she wanted me to attend with […]