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Sometimes this job…… →  September 30, 2009 2

Right now I am sitting in a hotel room. I’m not staying the night…no….that would make sense. I had reserve at home from 10AM till 1AM. I was called at 10:40AM for a 12:40PM sign in for a 1:05PM deadhead to fly a flight back to base and be done at 4:30PM. Sounded easy. The […]

Test pilot →  September 28, 2009 2

After a week of avoiding airport standby….I was back on duty yesterday. Three updates came out Friday for various manuals I carry thus I spent the first 90 minutes ripping out pages and installing new pages. Yeah it was really fun. I was feeling really lazy and just stayed down in the crew room versus […]

Legal…of course….safe?? Well…umm….. →  September 25, 2009 1

The current FAA rules concerning duty and rest were designed well before I was born….not long after my parents were born. They are outdated. There are changes on the horizon. The pilots of Colgan 3407 will not have died in vain. The new rules (a PDF can be seen here a news story here) are […]

So I saw some of the ball game →  September 22, 2009 Comments Off

We blocked out a 6:49PM instead of the scheduled 3:50PM. Yeah we were late. The 5:00PM flight was also late…they left at 6:30PM. The 6:45PM flight went out on time. The outstation only has 2 gates. Our original return flight was supposed to leave at 5:35PM and have just 26 people on board. By the […]

Two days of jury duty →  September 22, 2009 Comments Off

I showed up for Jury Duty yesterday…waited around for 3 hours…got picked for a Jury that was called in at 9 AM today. I was initially worried about losing money. Once I got home I checked my contract….I get full pay for each day. After a quick call to crew scheduling I was cleared for […]

I just wanted to see the ball game →  September 20, 2009 Comments Off

I was assigned a 3:05PM sign in for a 3:45PM departure to arrive back in base at 6:45PM. The ball game starts at 7:30PM. It all looked fine. My wife dropped me off at 2:55PM after running me by Subway. On the way to the airport I realized I forgot the J-hook I bought last […]