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Make $43 an hour sitting on your couch! →  November 26, 2014 0

Right now I’m sitting on my couch watching TV making $43 an hour. I was supposed to be taxiing out for a 5 hour turn. This morning I woke up in Mexico. It was planned and not some adventure gone wrong. I bid a two day trip worth 10 hours. I added on 3 hours […]

Conga line →  November 12, 2014 0

Done flying for the week. I was supposed to be waking up in a Holiday Inn this morning. Instead I’m on my couch as I have a union meeting today and was pulled off my overnight and remaining flights of my two day trip. At major airports, approach controllers are tasked with sequencing arriving aircraft […]

Vacancy Giveth and Displacement taketh away →  November 8, 2014 3

I picked up a 6 hour trip on overtime yesterday. With my recent (and final First Officer) pay increase it was worth just over $300. Not bad for a day trip. The report time was 7:45 AM. I dropped off my daughter at daycare and headed to the airport. The Captain I was flying with […]

When your base ceases to exist →  November 4, 2014 Comments Off

The closing of a base. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does things get difficult quickly. Contrary to popular belief a pilot base does not have to be a hub for a major airline. One airline, Republic, likes to have non-hub bases. Republic has pilot bases in Louisville, Kentucky; Greensboro, North Carolina; Columbus, Ohio […]

Seven years later →  October 30, 2014 Comments Off

Yesterday was ┬áthe 7 year anniversary of my first day at my airline. In the last 7 years I’ve flown exactly 3966 hours and 36 minutes. Before I started I naively thought I would fly close to 1000 hours a year. In reality with vacation, reserve and just life I’ve averaged around 566 hours a […]

Fooled them again! →  October 27, 2014 2

I’m good for another year. On the┬ásecond day of my annual training I took my written exam. Not only did I score the top score in the class, I was the best pilot in the class! It helped that I was the only pilot in the class. The annual training is supposed to be conducted […]