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Seven years later →  October 30, 2014 0

Yesterday was  the 7 year anniversary of my first day at my airline. In the last 7 years I’ve flown exactly 3966 hours and 36 minutes. Before I started I naively thought I would fly close to 1000 hours a year. In reality with vacation, reserve and just life I’ve averaged around 566 hours a […]

Fooled them again! →  October 27, 2014 2

I’m good for another year. On the second day of my annual training I took my written exam. Not only did I score the top score in the class, I was the best pilot in the class! It helped that I was the only pilot in the class. The annual training is supposed to be conducted […]

Do I smell funny? Or just bad luck. →  October 23, 2014 1

Last year on the day of my check ride the Captain I had been training with called in sick. I was going through an entirely new training program. A test pilot of sorts. Up until that point no one had passed. The first two crews failed. I was a little stressed going into the sim […]

I forgot what commuting was like →  October 20, 2014 0

A few years ago I was forced to commute. I hated it. Going from gate to gate, checking loads…..looking for my name on the standby list. Lots of time in jump seats. I flew up to another base for a Union event last week. My Union held an event at a restaurant for pilots and their […]

Where is Geek? →  October 18, 2014 1

Busy last 10 days or so. I did an easy two day trip, then a one day trip and then I hopped on a plane to Fort Laurderdale, Florida for the ALPA Board of Directors meeting. Should be able to work on a pervious post and have it up next week. This Board of Directors […]

Everybody off! →  October 9, 2014 2

Day 2 of a 2 day. My last 2 day was bad…arrived after midnight on day 1 when I was scheduled to arrive in the 10PM hour. Day 2 wasn’t much better. This week….it’s just as bad. It’s a very easy 3 and 1 two day trip worth 8 1/2 hours. The first turn was […]