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Final Tally →  July 22, 2014 0

A little more than 6 years after signing on the dotted line….my flight training loan is paid off. It hasn’t been easy. Back in March 2006 I was sitting behind my desk playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. I’ve never been a fan of Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I was trying to relax after sitting all […]

Moving on up →  July 20, 2014 0

With the mass exodus going on at the regional level my seniority is increasing rapidly. I’m based in the most senior base at my airline. I’ve moved up 20 number in base in the last 3 months. That’s 20 First Officers senior to me either upgrading to Captain, transferring out…or more likely….leaving the company. I […]

Even hotter →  July 11, 2014 1

Currently on day 2 of a 4 day. Good old La Quinta overnight. It’s a 5-2-4-3 trip. I don’t care for 5 leg days but the trip is worth 22 hours (4 hours more than average)…so I kept the trip versus trading it away. The first day was long. Two turns to the same outstation […]

Talking Hot! Hot! Hot! →  July 7, 2014 2

Summer operations are in full effect. My airline prefers flight crews to utilize PCA (preconditioned air) and GPU (Ground Power Units) while at the gate to reduce fuel consumption. PCA and GPU hoses are connected from the jetbridge to the aircraft. Most of the time the air coming out of the PCA hose is nice […]

What a difference a month makes →  July 3, 2014 1

I saw my wife and daughter every day in June. Quite a feat for an airline pilot. This was of course due to my schedule. I did Continuous Duty Overnights meaning I had one flight out and one flight back with a few hours in a hotel in between. I was tired every now and […]

Call me Maybe →  June 26, 2014 Comments Off

Relaxing before a 5 hour day trip on overtime. Crappy weather over most of the United States today with the potential for convective activity. I’m betting my trip will be more than 5 hours. There are several ways to get extra flying (at the overtime rate) at my airline. As a reserve pilot I had […]