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Bidding for the left seat →  April 15, 2014 1

Another Captains bid is open for my airline. I was 50 away from the most junior Captain spot last time. Currently they are offering 30 for sure Captain upgrades but there might be more. How you say? Well people have been bailing from my (and most) regionals for a while. Pilots are retiring, going to […]

More drama →  April 14, 2014 4

Same 4 day as last week. Just like last week, day 1 was full of drama. The first leg out was mine. The Captain I was flying with was new to me. He was only doing the turn. Before we left the gate I told the Captain about my drama with this particular out station. […]

Standing together →  April 8, 2014 1

The skies are changing. This year over 10,000 pilots from three different airlines said enough is enough. No longer will they continue to take concessions especially when their parent companies are making record profits. Things looked gloomy after Endeavor pilots set a new low as part of their bankruptcy reorganization under new parent Delta. The […]

Got to the overnight 4 hours early! →  April 6, 2014 0

Day 1 of a 4 day. It’s the same trip all month. It’s a 3-2-2-3 worth 19 hours 40 minutes. Today started with me leaving the house at 7:15AM. I pulled into the employee lot and was on the bus at 7:30AM. Departure was 8:40AM…left one minute early. I’m paired with a different Captain each […]

Hey what’s that noise? →  April 3, 2014 0

Back from Vegas. For the first time ever I came back even! Before that my last 4 day was fine until day 4. Overnighted in a “new to me” city. College town. Found some decent vegetarian Mexican food . Early morning departure. First two legs were mine. The first was easy. A quick 27 minutes […]

I think it’s time for Vegas →  March 29, 2014 3

Four day done. It was supposed to be a 21 hour 15 minute trip. I finished with over 23 hours. The highlight was the last turn. Took off for the outstation. Once the wheels left the ground a loud whoooshing sound entered the flight deck. For some reason we weren’t pressurizing. Since we can’t dump […]